Tattoo Artist

Danny Romano

It all started when I was thirteen, I got introduced to the tattoo art and since then it has been my hobby, my passion, and my way of living. From the first moment I was fascinated by people’s reaction when getting tattooed. Tattoos are personal pieces of art attached to one’s body for the rest of one’s life, everlasting memories.

One thing led to another and I’ve started studying at a fine art high school, from which I have successfully graduated. There I’ve developed my artistic skills and learned the charcoal and pencil techniques, which helped me, embrace the black and grey realism and surrealism.

…As an artist, I am a master of shape, shades, depth and proportions. Although I prefer realistic or surrealistic art, I also adapt to any other style and I easily bend my hand on a variety of subjects and different art approaches.

Any form of art, no matter which emphasize the beauty inside each of us.

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