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Piece of advice regarding the first tattoo

You’ve always wanted a tattoo and now you’ve decided that it’s the right time to get an appointment at the studio in order to make your dream come true? There are some things you must know before stepping in the studio. And we’re going to discuss the most important ones here, in this article. 

Even if some people say that tattoos aren’t recommended or they’re just the madness of the youth, the truth is that tattoos represent art. Each drawing on the skin stands for a story that has marked the life of the one carrying it. But they’re also a way of making a statement and help you show your true behavior.

If you’re reading this article, it means that you’re definitely going to tattoo on your body a certain time frame of your life, an important moment, a beloved person or even your pet. This decision is not the only one you should take into consideration before going to the tattoo studio, as there are still many important decisions you have to consider.

What questions should you ask yourself before choosing the first tattoo?

Even if you took the decision, it is recommended to take a step back and reflect upon the decision.

The first and most important question would be: “Why do I want to get this tattoo?”. Is it an impulsive decision or does the tattoo represent an important story of your life? Will it be just as important over time?

The second question, just as important, is the part of the body where you want to make this tattoo. If you want the tattoo to be seen, you should also consider that your friends/ family might not agree with it.

You must answer these questions when you are calm, far away from the influence of anybody, as the people around you might influence your decision. One thing is for sure: you are getting tattooed first of all for yourself, not for proving to anyone that you are getting tattooed. It’s crucial that this drawing represents and will represent something important for you and this way you’re not going to regret it.

What shape will the tattoo have? Will it be a text, an image or a symbol? There are a lot of forms which you can choose to represent a certain moment. The choice is yours, but you can also ask the person that’s going to make the tattoo.

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The choice of the studio, the most important choice

When it comes to getting the first tattoo, it’s normal for you to be nervous. Even if you get informed from your friends or from the Internet how the first tattoo is going to be, you’ll still be nervous and you’ll still have a feeling of fear. That’s why it’s important to choose a studio that has a good reputation.

Just like in any niche, you’re going to find both good and bad studios. Each detail is important and you must take this into account. The artist’s experience, the brand of the studios, the atmosphere made during the session, the former clients’ reviews – all these can help you make an idea about the studio you’re choosing.

Besides all of this, you must take into account how much the desired tattoo costs. It is important to mention that the really good studios always have a higher price, but this fact shouldn’t scare you. Choose to have the best experience when it comes to getting a tattoo!

The first tattoo – how badly does it hurt?

Each person reacts differently to the pain felt during the tattoo session. You will feel the needle constantly on your skin and this might create a new feeling. But it also depends on the part where you choose to have the first tattoo. 

You will find all the information you need on the Internet, but you can also choose to ask the artist which are the parts of the body where it hurts the worst.