Short guide for choosing the tattoo studio

A tattoo is an elegant way of enriching our skin and giving it a unique sense. However, if you don’t think enough about this decision, it can quickly become a permanent memento of a bad choice. When you choose your first tattoo, I recommend you to not give into the impulse without prospecting first the tattoo studio and the design & size of the tattoo. If you want the tattoo to look great for the rest of your life, it’s better to plan ahead the important aspects, which we’re going to outline in today’s article.

Choose a studio that respects all the hygiene conditions

The tattoo studios must respect the hygiene conditions. It’s important to carefully choose the studio, looking into detail at the hygiene that’s kept there. The high quality studios might imply bigger costs, but your health and safety should come first. What you think you can save up through getting a cheaper tattoo is almost always a small part of the coverage costs or the laser treatments later on, in order to correct a poorly made tattoo. 

In order to choose a good studio, you can ask for more details about different studios from your friends, or even from the internet. A studio that’s great almost always has an online identity, and the ones that used their services leave them good reviews. Read these opinions and think really well about a massage studio before going to one.

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Search for an experienced artist

There are many cases of good tattoo ideas that ended up pretty bad. This happens to those who aren’t experienced enough. Tattoos are an art, sometimes complicated, so it isn’t something that can be done by anyone, in this case being recommended to go to someone who’s a professionist. I know it’s something that’s not really cheap and all of us would like to spend less, but as a piece of advice, we should avoid the classical “I have a friend who does tattoos, but it’s cheap because he’s a beginner”. Search for the best tattoo artist available for you, who has a good reputation and good reviews. And be exigent. The master of tattoos will make the difference, that’s for sure.

There is no given formula to choose the best tattoo studio for the first tattoo. The comfort and the preferences are important facts to be taken into consideration. Moreover, the type of tattoo will influence its location. 


Therefore, choose carefully a tattoo studio whose tattoo artist has experience in tattooing. Take into consideration how professional the artist is when it comes to tattoos and the experiences of the clients. Look at his/her portfolio and choose what’s best for you!

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