Why Have A Tattoo?

Where there was a time when tattoos were popular only among the younger generation, now it’s a form of art that is appealing to all ages and different classes in society and, in the past, tattoos were only used as a form of self-expression. But now more people have them for a variety of reasons. The reasons for getting tattooed are as varied as the designs themselves. Still, many people ask themselves why they should get tattooed. So this article outlines the very best reasons for getting a tattoo.


Tattoos are often symbolic. Stars are common symbols used for love and astronomy and can represent many different things, for example: ambition, a desire to achieve big dreams, and even the birth of a child. Other tattoos are symbolic of travel. These include the outline of an airplane or a paper plane, or even a map of the world. A heart can also represent a relationship, such as a love symbol, which is widely used for tattoos. Each person makes tattoos based on their love experience, so every tattoo they get represents something they loved or a situation they’ve been through.

tattoo by danny


As said above, the meanings of having a tattoo vary from person to person, depending on the context of the tattoo. The tattoo itself can symbolize one’s own personal feelings and experiences, or it can be a symbolic representation of a lost love. Another popular tattoo is the Phoenix bird, which represents the hard past and being reborn from ashes.

You can see the collection of the black & white tattoos here, each of them having a different symbol and story behind.


In conclusion, tattoos are popular among the new generation, being a way to tell a story, may it be a happy or a sad one. They’re symbols you carry on your body forever, so you should think about the situation before choosing your tattoo. You can consult with me and I will be glad to help you choose the design of your next tattoo!

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